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This is Why The Simpsons Are Yellow


Ever wondered why every character in The Simpsons look like a child’s drawing when they’re almost out of crayons? The answer is the creators thought it was the easiest way to punch our eyeballs and get us to take notice.

The Weird Reason Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee Struggled in Japan


Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee is consistently rated as one of the finest video games ever released by people with jobs we kind of envy, weirdly though, when the developers tried to port it to Japan they were told they had to pay a series of huge fines just because Abe happened to have four fingers.

The Wonderful World Of Rogue Taxidermy


Rogue taxidermy is what happens when people with a God complex and too much time on their hands start creating new animals by sewing existing ones together. Kind of like what when Bart’s evil twin creates pigeon rats in that Simpsons episode that one time.

Tommy Cooper: The Real Reason Fezzes Are Cool


For the uninformed, Tommy Cooper was a British comedian and magician who entertained audiences for four decades. He’s consistently voted as one of the finest comedians in British comedy. He also wore a fez for almost his entire career, yes, even before Matt Smith did.

Edward VII Changed Fashion Because He Was Too Fat


It’s not very often someone changes fashion forever, it’s even rarer that they do so just because they’re a fat sack of shit. Which is exactly what King Edward VII did with the waistcoat.