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Candy Canes Were Invented as a Way Of Keeping Children Quiet


Candy canes are a Christmas staple, a sugary snack you can turn into a crude stabbing implement just by sucking on it, few people realise though that literally the only reason candy canes exist is because one guy wanted a foolproof way of shutting kids the hell up at Christmas time.

The Interview That Cost Microsoft Resident Evil 4


For the non-gamers reading this, Resident Evil 4 is one of the most highly rated video games ever made and originally, it was only supposed to be released for a single games console, all because of an interview.

Crocodiles are Just Adorable


Hey, it’s Wednesday which means, you guessed it, no accompanying article for today’s fact. Don’t fret though, if you want to read some more kick-ass animals facts, why not go check out our articles on the elephant that only respected one man, why great white sharks are scared of killer whales or that time when King Cambyses II won a battle by doing nothing but throw cats at his enemy.

And of course, here’s the source for today’s fact.

The Amazingly (Insane) Akira Kurosawa


The beauty of talking about Akira Kurosawa is that even if you don’t think you’ve seen one of his films, you’ve seen one of his films because Hollywood has been ripping them off for as long as he’s been making them. But we’re not here to talk about that today, we’re here to talk about how utterly insane Kurosawa was when it came to the little things. 

The Stupid Reason We’ll Never See a Battle Royale Remake


With a solid 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and a cult following so intense it’s required watching when you join Scientology, Battle Royale is arguably one of the best movies in which teenagers try to kill each other, a genre that against all of the odds, is for some reason really popular with teenagers these days. Annoyingly, it seems that we’re never going to see an American remake of this movie because of the existence of The Hunger Games movie.