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You Couldn’t Beat a Sea Sponge in a Fistfight


The humble sponge, square pants or otherwise is secretly one of the most hardcore creatures on the entire planet. Though its appearance would lend you to believe it’d last about as long as the English language in the comment section of a YouTube video in a fist fight, you literally couldn’t kill one with your bare hands.

Mistletoe Was Once Used to Kill a God


Since today happens to be both Christmas Eve and a Wednesday, it’s kind of a given that we’re not going to expect our researcher to spend valuable drinking time writing articles for us, so we had him research this gem about Loki killing the God of light and purity with a twig of mistletoe. So if you happen to spot a sprig of mistletoe this holiday season, you have a nice story to tell about it if you don’t feel like making out.

Merry Christmas!


The Fictional Santa Who Owned the Role


It’s pretty safe to say that if you haven’t seen the original Miracle on 34th Street movie or the subsequent 1994 remake, you’ve missed out on a huge cultural milestone that has shown generations of children the meaning of Christmas and also how dope Richard Attenborough’s beard is. Few people realise though, just how much the actor to playing Santa in the original version of the film owned the role. 

Saturnalia, The Awesome Roman Version Of Christmas


Though not exactly the same as Christmas per se, Saturnalia was a holiday celebrated by Roman’s at around exactly the same time that involved giving gifts, so we think it’s okay to include it as part of our Christmas fact bonanza (we went there). The main difference between Saturnalia and Christmas was that it traditionally involved the reversal of roles. Which wasn’t as kinky as you’d think.

Superman Really Loves Christmas

It's not like he hasn't done it before.

Christmas is a magical time that can turn even the most burly and gruff of men into giant man-sized children, but surely someone like Superman, the symbol of truth, justice and owning pectoral muscles that technically class as a war crime is capable of controlling himself around the holiday season, right? As it so happens though, Superman kind of loves Christmas, like a lot.